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Sun Jul 27 15:21:06 2014(GMT)
I released a new project, MSCreator. It is a tool to automatically build linux systems based on any desired distribution. The current version is 1.0.0.

Tue Jan 11 22:04:46 2011(GMT)
New version (0.1.1) of gcruft online.

Tue Jan 4 23:08:58 2011(GMT)
new project online: gcruft - helps finding orphaned files on a gentoo linux system

Sun Aug 2 18:34:25 2009(GMT)
New version (0.3.3) of disablemenu online.
firefox 3.5 compatible

Sun Aug 2 18:31:56 2009(GMT)
New version (0.2) of dmlite online.
firefox 3.5 compatible

Tue Jul 15 20:10:23 2008(GMT)
New version (0.2.3) of plop online.
fixed even more problems with scm packages ;) (thx to Jon for reporting)

Sat Jul 12 09:09:11 2008(GMT)
New version (0.2) of plop online.
fixed a problem with scm packages (thx to Mikko for reporting)

Sun Jun 29 09:09:28 2008(GMT)
new project online: dmlite - a minimalistic version of disablemenu

Sun Jun 29 09:05:33 2008(GMT)
New version (0.3.2) of disablemenu online.
firefox 3 compatible and statusbar can optionally be hidden.

Tue Feb 12 23:13:42 2008(GMT)
new project online: fino - maildir watch script fuer irssi

Sat Feb 9 21:23:59 2008(GMT)
disablemenu is now on BabelZilla, a project where extensions to mozilla applications get translated into several languages.
Locales for en-US, de-DE and pt-BR are already complete and will be included in the next version, which will probably be released next week or so.
So if you have an account at BabelZilla and want to see your language in the next version, feel free to add your translation.;)

Wed Feb 6 22:15:47 2008(GMT)
New version (0.3) of disablemenu online.
some bugs fixed and now you can configure the hotkey

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